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Get likes on tik tokLike and Tick Talk are applications that allow users to create videos. «Likers», Like users, and «Ticktokers», Ticktok users, have fun with popular songs, and then use masks, filters, stickers to create special effects. Get likes on tik tok to promote the channels.

How many likes do I need in TikTok to earn or get into recommendations

User activity is the most important indicator for any blogger. A particularly important factor is the number of likes under the video in the Tick Tok. Let’s figure out what this indicator should be in order to become popular.

How important is the number of likes in a Tick Tok

The number of subscribers does not play a special role in the Tick Tok. You can have about a million of them, and no more than 100,000 views, and even less likes – 10 thousand. And it often happens the opposite, when the user barely has 5,000 followers, and the number of likes on some videos reaches tens of thousands. This is all the result of the unusual work of the algorithms of the social network.

That is why the number of» hearts » on your posts plays a big role. If the video is included in the recommendations – it doesn’t matter what size your audience is, you will get a lot of likes anyway.

In addition, this indicator affects the following:

  • How much your content is liked by users. This is the easiest way to find out how much creativity resonates;
  • For advertisers. If you have good statistics and excellent indicators, you will be approached with proposals for cooperation;
  • Whether your video is trending. This is usually immediately noticeable by the difference in performance with your other videos.

In general, the smaller the gap between the number of views and likes, the better. This means that you are being watched by the most active audience that is interested in your content.

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How to increase the number of likes in a Tick Tok

  • This question is asked by many users of various social networks. Someone quickly manages to reach a decent level of statistical indicators. Other guys need more time and perseverance.
  • Regularly release videos. Try to publish them at least several times a week;
  • Follow the trends and challenges. This is the most relevant way of promotion, which, in truth, requires you to have a real desire to shoot on a regular basis. Here you need to show maximum creativity;
  • Put hashtags. They have a good effect on statistics. This takes a minimum of time, but at the same time it can really increase the number of likes under the video.

You can also participate in joint shoots with other bloggers to exchange audience

This can also have a good effect on the activity under your publications. Try to use as many available ways as possible to increase your chances of success. This can take a lot of time, so be patient.

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